Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm Here, I'm Here, Really I Am

Life's hectic, yeah yeah yeah, heard it before :)  I get on here every morning with the best intentions of finally uploading a post and some pictures, but then I get to reading all the blogs I adore (because they are typically updated daily!) and then my allotted 20 minutes of computer time is gone.  So, a super quick run down of the last just about 2 months....John Paul, ERs, doctor visits, tests, diagnosis (Celiac Disease), then today, maybe it's not CD.  FRUSTRATION!!!!  Last week John Paul had an EGD (knocked him out, camera down his throat, biopsy in 3 different places) the doctor confirmed what the blood work had told us (he saw that the duodenum was slick--no cilia), he has Celiac (yes, shock at first, but we got over it and were excited 1)to finally have an answer and 2)new ways to cook and bake...healthier)While CD can be a big deal, it doesn't really have to be and we are fine with it.  John Paul is a totally (well okay, he is still 3 and does behave accordingly) different kid without gluten and wheat in his diet.  He's so much more well-behaved.  Thank God too, because I was really stressing out trying to raise him lovingly!  So, we've embraced the GF life.  We're having fun cooking and trying new things....Yesterday I bought rice flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, xanthan gum, and what not to be able to bake again.  Then today we got a call from the nurse to give us the results of the biopsy...everything looks good, a slight shortening of the cilia in the 1st 2 areas they looked at and then the duodenum looks good; we'll retest in 6 months.  Yes, we're confused!  We have another appointment. When we first started all of this, the hospital had 2 files for JP, one had blood work saying yes, CD and the other had no blood work so therefore no CD.  RRRRrrrrr.  They were supposed to merge the files and have corrected everything. I'm hoping that there is some kind of mistake, not sure what, but I love my boy without gluten (yes, of course I loved him before, but he wasn't happy and no one else was either).  In order to be tested again, he has to go on a full gluten diet to avoid a false negative.  Do these people know what they are doing?!
If you're still reading this, enough of this topic and ranting.  That's really not why I decided to post tonight.  What I really wanted to share with you is this awesome site I found: Sprouted Kitchen.  There are some INCREDIBLE recipes there and the photography is just beautiful.  Enjoy it.  I'm looking forward to creating the dish she posted on March 22nd. :)
John Paul in his favorite t-shirt, Mr. Incredible. It's got at least 3 holes in it, but he still loves it. :)


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