Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fun New Blogs

I've found some fun new (to me) blogs that I just have to share!  I love it when I stumble upon new inspiration, great pictures, wonderful tutorials, new stories.  It's like making new friends :)

So, first up is Noodlehead.  I've read her blog a handful of times in the past couple of weeks and I'm really enjoying it. This week she's been posting about sprucing up your kitchen.  Tonight (children willing) I'm going to make the pretty dish towels/mats.  I've got a couple of towels that are begging to be cut up and made pretty again.
Next, is Fly Through Our Window. Great photography, tutorials, stories. Real life :)
Also, A Pretty Cool Life is a fun read with plenty of eye candy too.  She's got a Flickr group as well as an Etsy shop that's definitely worth checking out.
Lastly, 33 Shades of Green...what can I say? She's got crafting, cooking, and designing all in one place. 
Wait, one more~Little Bit Funky~I've read SO MANY pages here, but must remember to turn the volume down when I'm reading at night.  She's got a heading at the top of her blog called 20 Minute Crafter.  Seriously 20 minute crafts. So perfect for those of us working during nap time, late at night, or in between everything else going on in life. 
Take some time and have fun reading and being craftily inspired!

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