Friday, December 31, 2010

My Baby is TWO!

Penelope  turned 2 during all of the hustle and bustle of Christmas.  We were able to slow down (due to most of us getting a nasty stomach bug) and be at home to enjoy time together.  She's such an animated, independent, spirited, stubborn, loud, sweet, sassy, rough, loving, amazing big girl.  She loves to help me clean and she makes plenty of messes.  Penelope has mastered clearing her dishes from the table and putting them in the dish washer.  She is quite proficient at cleaning out the dish washer as well.  A favorite pastime of hers is rifling through the silverware drawer, licking various spoons and forks, then putting them back where they belong.  Germs, what germs?!  Like Alexander and John Paul, drawing and coloring are a favorite activity as well.  Paper and walls have had her artist touch added to them.  She's great at writing the letter O and announces it every time.  Penelope Rose, you are adored by your family!  Happy second birthday!


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