Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July Weekend

What a fun weekend we had here! Our order of Simply Fun games came in just before the weekend started.  We haven't stopped playing them.  These games are so much fun and dare I say not near as mind numbing as Candyland and other games of the sort.  I highly recommend you check them out~there are toddler through adult games. 
Jaime did lots of grilling~ribs, fillet mignon,corn, pineapple, and sweet potatoes. And so, we all did lots of eating. :)  With all of the eating of course some outside time was in order.  Along with running around the backyard, we went to the Arboretum for a walk (shortened due to the little rain shower that passed through).
We finally got more rain about the time the fireworks show was to start.  We went and parked, but weren't sure if they were going to cancel.  I'm so glad we went and decided to stay because it was a wonderful show and leaving was the easiest it's ever been! Hardly any traffic.  Penelope was incredibly excited. She kept jumping and trying to reach out to touch them, and oh the squealing!

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  1. Look at those little nuggets! Man, A is getting super tall. I miss you and the fam. Love you.



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