Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Toys

Today I picked up some new-to-us toys for Penelope from a friend.  Her little girl has outgrown the doll house, shopping cart, and little princess vanity.  Penelope is having SO MUCH FUN with her new toys. And, shhh, but the boys are too :) 
It's a busy day around here with Bible study this morning and Little Angels (essentially VBS for toddlers) then summer school and baseball practice this afternoon.  I also have to run to Old Navy to get Alexander some new flip flops--his broke this morning.  Good thing ON's 30% off the entire store is still going on!  Hopefully they'll have his size.
The humidity is at bay for now and the day is gorgeous out.  Maybe we'll make it to the pool tonight as well. :)

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