Friday, March 5, 2010

Tutu Shirts

I promised a while back some pictures as well as tutorials.  So, here's to partial promise keeping :)
These are 2 tutu shirts.  I forget which blog I saw them on and adapted the idea (if you know, let me know please) from, but I will keep hunting.  They are super simple and just too much fun.  These shirts I got on clearance at Target. I really wanted some in a similar style for Penelope, but they were all sold out in her size.  These are 4/5.  To make them, lay the shirt flat and measure across the bottom of the front of the shirt.  Double this number to have the distance all the way around the shirt.  Next, measure the tulle 2.5 times more than the total of the shirt.  So, if the shirt front is 15 inches, then all the way around is 30.  Your tulle length should be 75 inches.  These are made with 2-3 layers of tulle.  Sew your layers of tulle together, but do not back stitch.  Pull the bobbin thread to gather and make the ruffle/tutu.  Sew the tulle to the bottom of the shirt, right sides together.  Flip the tutu down and you've got a dressed up sassy shirt.  Pair with leggings or jeans~~super cute and fun!


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