Monday, February 1, 2010

Recap of last week

Not quite sure why I never made the time to post pictures last week...I took several!
First up is John Paul...look at how proud my fiercely independent little dude is of his star:
His independence can be seen here in that he insists on brushing his teeth all by himself (yes, a good thing, but it's also why getting dressed is saved for last ...usually) and that messy face...that's marker, from his hands, because he insists on holding the marker way down on the marker tip and he thinks his hands are a perfectly good canvas to showcase his artistic skills.

My other artist.  He's graduated to teacher :) If he's not playing Legos, pouring over his Lego Star Wars Dictionary then he can be found drawing Star Wars pictures.
Just 13 months old and already such a helper.  She loves to hand me each piece of silverware.  It sure does make the chore of cleaning out the dishwasher more enjoyable.

Light sabers aren't only for boys!


There's something about this cup!  The vanilla cappuccino extra hot skim milk tasted incredible, but then I rinsed the cup out and have been drinking water out of it.  I have been drinking so much more water this way. I think I better get another coffee this week. :)

I did some sewing with Mom this weekend.  Just for fun we made this cute little skirt.   

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